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‘Foursquare GB’ is a network of Spirit Filled Churches, "relationally" partnering together to Plant new Churches and make Reproducible Disciples throughout our Nation. Together we seek to reach out into the United Kingdom with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in a fresh and relevant manner.


Interdenominational in Spirit and Evangelism, Relational in our approach, we proclaim the Foursquare message that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, Healer, Baptiser with the Holy Spirit and Soon coming King.


Welcome to the Home site for The British Foursquare Family.


A Spirit Empowered

A Church that is different. A Church empowered by Gods Spirit (in love & in power). A Church led

by the Spirit of God.


A Church that is inviting. A Church that values people. A Church called to serve the Nation. A Church in every city, neighbourhood and village that is a beacon of light.


A Church of influence to the community. A Church that knows & walks in the seasons of God.


Jesus Christ the same; yesterday, today and forever Heb: 13:8


We Are Foursquare

Our denomination is made up of thousands of churches worldwide. Churches of different races and cultures, made of different sizes.Together we are ONE,we are FOURSQUARE. 

Upcoming Events (Click on
Date for More Info)


17th DLT Spiritual Formation on Zoom - 7 - 9pm


8th Prayer Gathering on Zoom - 4pm

13th - 15th Board Retreat (Trustees and Ministry)

27th - 30th European Conference in Spain


13th Women's Prayer Conference (North - Sheffield)

20th Women's Prayer Conference (South - London URFC)

29th - 1st June International Conference - Anaheim, California


23rd - 24th Discipleship with Ralph Moore


15th Prayer Gathering on Zoom - 4pm

24th - 31st Youth Conference

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